Green Schools - An Energy Action Day



On Wednesday the 17th of February the whole school went out to the astro turf.

We had to use energy so we did things like push up, sit ups, running on the spot, jumping jacks and the plank.

Together we did this for ten minutes we did not take a break we used as much energy as we could.


Wednesday the 17th of February

Fourth class, fifth class and sixth class had energy workshops.

In the workshops we learned about new ways to save energy.

The woman’s name was Tara.

She made rockets out of foam and cardboard and then we launched them with a metre stick and an elastic band.

Then we got fizzy tablets and water and a little tub and put the water and the tablet in the tub and waited and it flew up in the air.

Finally, we played an energy saving game. We had great fun.



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