Junior Infants Book-list 2017-18

Junior Infants Booklist 2017/2018-Mrs. Laura Lynch

English ·         Just Handwriting *pre cursive Junior Infants with free practice copy.(Purple cover) educate.ie
·         Start!  Pre reading pre writing workbook for junior infants. (yellow cover) BCM
·         Just phonics junior infants 2. 42 sounds. (maroon cover) educate.ie
·         Reading  Scheme – to be rented from school  €10.00 (give to teacher)
Maths ·         Busy At Maths – Junior Infants CJ Fallon
Religion ·         Grow In Love – Junior Infants Veritas
Supplies ·         2 x Junior Practice 32page blank.(blue cover) Aisling
·         5 x copy book 40 page blank.(yellow cover) Ormond
·         5 x project book 40 page15.(purple cover) Ormond
·         2x Scrap Book The Wright Choice Supreme Stationary
·         2 x extra durable mesh storage wallet A4+ Premier Office
·         2 x clear mesh bag A6+ The Write Choice Supreme Stationary
·         1 x A4 40 Plastic Pocket Folder
·         1x pot of Play-Doh in a tub labelled
·         2x Groove LYRA triangular pencils.(blue)
·         1x Prit  stick labelled for school

·         (Crayons, rubbers, toppers all provided by school)

The following are required for home use only:

(Buy these and keep them at home)

2x Groove LYRA triangular pencils(blue), 1x Prit stick ,1 x Pack of crayons Faber-Castell chublets, 1xscissiors

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  • Please get all books and copies as early as possible during the holidays.
  • Please ensure that all books are covered with a transparent cover. The child’s name should be printed clearly on front cover.
  • Please put child’s name on all items of clothing and on each individual pencil, lunchbox drinks bottle, books and copies etc. (This is VERY important)
  • On the first day of school please put all your child’s books and stationary into a plastic/paper bag and write your child’s name on the bag. I will sort out all books then.

Pupils in Junior Infants will go home at 12pm from Thursday 31stof August

Until Friday 15th of September.  They will go home at 1:45 pm from

Monday 18th of September 2017.


SCHOOL RE-OPENS Thursday 31stAugust 2017

Enjoy the summer!