Safe Cycling Programme

On Monday, April 13th last, 3rd class took part in Kerry’s Safe cycling programme which ran over a three week period. This is a collaborative initiative to help Primary school children to learn how to cycle in a safe and appropriate manner. Children learn road safety and to read road signs. They also are made aware of the importance of safety equipment-clothing and helmet. Children learned basic bicycle control skills, signalling and turning

-Bike check.

-Procedures for start, stop and emergency stop.

-Signalling and turning.

-Games and bike skills.

-Group cycling.

Programme Goals:

-To introduce and develop basic bicycle control skills.

-To empower young students with the confidence to use their bike more often.

The programme cost is subsidised through the support of the Health Promotion Dept., HSE, Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership and the Road Safety Authority.

This training programme will continue for the next two Mondays in April.