Fifth Class Book-list 2018-19

Teacher:  Mrs Murphy

Support Teacher (Maths/English); Mr. Finnegan

Gaeilge Abair Liom

Irish Dictionary


Ed. Co.

English Reading Zone  (provided by school   

Rental scheme)

Write On Follow Up Workbook 3.

New Treasure 5

English Dictionary

Retain Learning Log from last year

Gill & MacMillan


Prim Ed.


Maths Busy at Maths 5

Maths Challenge 5

Mathematical Set

30cm Ruler

C.J. Fallon


Music The Right Note 5th & 6th  Class

D – Tin Whistle

Religion Grow In Love 5th Class Veritas
S.E.S.E./S.P.H.E History: Small World-  (No activity book)

Geography: Small World – (No activity book)

Science: Fusion Scheme (Provided by school rental scheme)

Retain New Irish Primary Atlas and Atlas Hunt from 4th Class.

C. J. Fallon


C. J. Fallon


Entire Book Rental €20.00


12 Copies -88 pages, 4 Maths copies, 1 A4 Pads, A4 Plastic Wallet, 3 A4 Hardback Notebooks, I large glue stick (labelled),  Homework Journal

Please note:

  • Please get all books, workbooks and copies as early as possible during the holidays.
  • Cover all books and copies with a transparent cover and have child’s name printed clearly on front cover.
  • Please put child’s name on Cardigan, Jumper, Tracksuit, Coat, Lunchbox, Pencils etc.

SCHOOL RE-OPENS Thursday 30th August 2018