Senior Infants Book-list 2019-20

Miss. Looney & Ms. Lynch

Senior Infant Booklist 2019/2020


Just Handwriting Senior Infants (with practice copy) Pre-Cursive (Purple Cover by

Just Phonics Senior Infants (purple cover by

Rainbow English Programme Senior Infants, Oral Language Response Book    (CJ Fallon)

Reading Scheme – to be rented from the school (See below)


Busy at Maths Senior Infants (CJ Fallon) School Book & Home/School Links Book


Grow in Love Senior Infants (Veritas)


6 Blank Ormond copies (40 pages, Yellow Cover)

10 Ormond copies Project Book Top Blank, bottom extra wide ruled Plastic Purple cover lines15 (40 pages)

3 Scrap books (The Write Choice Supreme Stationary Size 13” x 9” 64 pages)

2 B4 Extra Durable Mesh Storage Wallet (with zip top)

5 Document Wallets (Cardboard Folders)


4 Lyra Thick groove Junior Grip Pencils (2 to be kept at home for home use)


3 Pritt Sticks (Glue)

1 Pot of Play-doh

Interactive Resources & Book Rental €15.00 (Put in an envelope with your child’s name on the first day)

Please note:

  • Please ensure your child wears velcro tying shoes.
  • The tracksuit will suffice for the uniform.
  • The lunchbox needs to fit into your child’s schoolbag and please ensure that they can open and close it themselves.
  • Please get all books, copies and stationery as early as possible during the holidays.
  • Cover all books with a transparent cover and have your child’s name printed clearly on the front cover.
  • Please ensure that your child has the correct edition and class level of each book.
  • Please put your child’s name on all their belongings. (Tracksuit, Coat, lunchbox etc.)

Pictures of copies & folders needed.