Green Flag

This year in Fossa School we are trying to save as much water as possible in order to get the Green Flag. We have selected our members for this year. They are as follows

  • 3rd class Gráinne,Kate and Ciaran
  • 4th class Aoife and Jamie
  • 5th class  Elizabeth and Tadhg
  • 6th class Rachel, Jack and Philip

Every day Jaime and Aoife go out to the water meter, measure and log the amount of  water used by the school. We are hoping the amount used will be getting less and less all the time as ALL the students and staff in the school make a genuine effort to reduce the amount of water being used.  Examples of this are turning off taps after washing hands, using Hippo bags/bottles in the toilet cisterns to reduce the volume of water in each flush. Not letting the tap flow continuously when washing art brushes and containers.

We have very busy  Water Watchers from each class who have the very important job of reminding all their classmates to conserve water and to check at different times during the day that taps are turned off and not dripping.

Our Water watchers are as follows

  • Juinior Infants Ryan and Eve
  • Senior Infants Killian and Emma
  • 1st class Ayla and Eoin
  • 2nd class Kate and Samuel
  • 3rd class Luke and Martha
  • 4th class Mark and Brooke
  • 5th class Mark and Seoldlah
  • 6th class Luke and Erin


At home you can do your part also to conserve water. Some suggestions are as follows

 Making sure the tap is not flowing when you are brushing your teeth ,
Take showers instead of baths,
Check and fix any pipes for leaks.
Use the washing machine and dishwasher only for full loads