The Water Flag promotion

On Friday 26th of May, the Green Team organised a lovely gathering to promote our next flag The Water Flag. The Green Team along with some parents have been working very hard to inform the children of Fossa about water conversation. The Green Team have been reading the water meter on a weekly basis to calculate the usage of water being used in the school. The Green Team decided to hold a slogan competition to see if the children could come up with some ideas. We had eight winners and then an overall winner.  The Green School parents presented the prizes which were all associated with water. The following are the winning slogans:

Junior Infants : whole class entry

Senior Infants: whole class entry

1st Class: Faye Lynch

2nd Class: Shay Mc Cormack

3rd Class: Anne O’ Shaughnessy

4th Class: Kate Horgan

5th Class: Finn Kennelly

6th Class: Rocco Sheahan

The overall winner:  Shay Mc Cormack

“Do your part , Be water smart”

Well done to all involved.