Green Schools

Thirsty Tuesday

The children from the Green School Committee together with Mrs Kissane, Mrs Spillane and Mrs Moynihan enjoyed an action day where the children displayed science experiments based on water. We are hoping to get our next green flag this year which is for water conservation. It was a most enjoyable day. Each class came to visit and take part in water based science experiments


(by Elizabeth and Tadhg  – Green School members)

Our Green Schools members  for 2016/2017 include Rose and Ronan from Third Elizabeth and Tadhg from Fourth Melissa and Billy from Fifth and Maeve, Dylan and Daragh from .We have three parent members Mrs.Kissane, Mrs.Bennet and Mrs. Cahillane . Our team also include Anthony our caretaker. We also have two teachers on the team Ms. Lynch,  Ms. O’ Donoghue and Mrs. Moynihan.

Water watchers

For the next two years we are working on trying to save water.

In order to do so we have chosen Water Watchers.

Juniors: Cillian and Lilly,

Seniors:  Flir and Jake,

First:  Jack and Eva,

Second:  Sam.B and Fiona,

Third: Rose and Ronan,

Fourth: Tadgh and Elizabeth,

Fifth:  Melissa and Billy,

Sixth:  Maeve, Dylan and Daragh .


After we had the Green School team sorted out we carried out a

water audit of the school:

taps =36   toilets =25 dishwashers =1    shower=1   hose =1

We made a map and a block chart of our results as well.


Survey conducted on water usage in Fossa Community.

We wish to thank the families from Fossa School for taking the time to participate in our survey on water usage within the home.

From the feedback we received, we have made the following observations:

  • Households in Fossa community are aware of water usage.
  • Appliances are used daily but families are mindful of only using them when they are full.
  • Taps are often left running when completing chores or personal hygiene. But most are in good working order.
  • There are moderate use of water for outside tasks like washing the dog and cat etc.
  • Families use bottled water as opposed to drinking water from the tap, especially in the summer.
  • It was interesting to note that the majority of family’s do not use hippo bags or bottle in the toilet.
  • Separate basins are not used in the kitchen sink.
  • Twistable taps are the most common types of taps in homes.

Once again a sincere thank you for completing the survey.          

Some ideas we have:

Get a water metre to see what we have been doing, time how long people use the taps and get a water pump.

On Wednesday the 17th of February the whole school went out to the astro turf.

We had to use energy so we did things like push up, sit ups, running on the spot, jumping jacks and the plank.

Together we did this for ten minutes we did not take a break we used as much energy as we could.

Wednesday the 17th of February

Fourth class, fifth class and sixth class had energy workshops.

In the workshops we learned about new ways to save energy.

The woman’s name was Tara.

She made rockets out of foam and cardboard and then we launched them with a metre stick and an elastic band.

Then we got fizzy tablets and water and a little tub and put the water and the tablet in the tub and waited and it flew up in the air.

Finally, we played an energy saving game. We had great fun.

We the students are trying to save energy to get our green flag.

The Questionnaires were sent to parents to highlight awareness about energy.

The green team had to go through all the slogans to see which one was the winner so we came together as a group to pick one. We chose “Don’t be the world’s enemy save energy”

We are trying to get our second green flag.

Each class picked two people to be energy zappers

The more energy we save, the more money we save! With the money we save we can buy something nice for our school.

So the aim this year is to save energy and get our second green flag.

The green team will keep working with the school & parents throughout the year.

The green school team hopes to see their next flag flying outside the school soon.

We hope you have an energy saving year!

Members of the Green School committee collect the Green Flag.