Healthy Eating Policy

Introductory Statement

This policy was formulated by members of the teaching staff in consultation with other staff members, pupils and parents.

There was discussion and dialogue with the Parents’ Association to seek their views/suggestions.

As a result of this, it was decided that we should undertake a healthy eating policy



It was decided to focus on this area for development in order to improve the pupils’ health.

Our SPHE & Science programmes endorse this view:

SPHE Strand Unit: Taking Care of My Body: Food and Nutrition (Curriculum J. Infants – 6th Class

Making choices (See Teacher Guidelines pp 11-13)

Science Strand Living Things: Strand Unit: Myself: Human Life Processes (Curriculum J. Infants – 6th

Class) (See Teacher Guidelines p.10-11)


Relationship to Characteristic Spirit of the School

In accordance with our aim to develop the pupils to the best of their ability, we see ourselves as having a role in the process of enabling pupils to increase control over and improve their health. The Food and Nutrition strand in our SPHE plan helps us promote this policy in our school as does our Science programme.



Ideally we hope:

To heighten an awareness of the importance of a balanced diet

To encourage the children to make wise choices about food and nutrition

To raise levels of concentration within class by way of consumption of healthy food

To encourage pupils to be aware, alert and responsive to litter problems caused by junk food, pre-prepared food, juice cartons etc.

To enable the children to develop a healthy eating habit for life.

The current practice is-

Healthy eating- Monday to Fridays. Crisps are banned at all times.

No food is allowed during class (unless as needed by children with particular dietary requirements).

This practice began in 2008 following involvement in the Health Promoting schools programme.

Children have experienced a variety of healthy foods through Food Dudes.

Nutritionist has spoken to students in school and to parents at meeting outside school hours re healthy lunches.

Parents were informed of the programme through letter and website and they adhere to the contents.



A healthy lunch is a recommended mix of items from the food pyramid. Children study this in SPHE in and Science class from 3rd to 6th

.Food/drinks encouraged include fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, yogurts, milk, water, juice.

Food/drinks strictly banned – crisps, chewing/bubble gum, fizzy drinks


Promotion of the Policy:

All members of the teaching staff promote this policy through regular verbal reminders positive reinforcement and good example to the children.


If children bring” discouraged” food / drinks to school:

They will be allowed to eat/drink them but advised to bring a healthier option on other days.

If they persist in bringing unhealthy food to school, the teacher will inform parents re healthy eating Policy throughout the school

The school will not apply further sanctions.



Exceptions are allowed:

End of term parties

School trips

School events – concerts, matches etc.


Success Criteria

We will know that the policy is effective when healthy eating has become a habit for all pupils. Children observed around the school will be eating only healthy food /drinks .

Roles and Responsibility

This policy was developed by staff members. It is implemented by parents and supported by the teaching staff.

Teachers give good example through their own healthy eating habits


Timeframe for Implementation

This policy has been in operation since 2006.

Timeframe for Review

The policy was reviewed in Oct 2008 and was reviewed again in Oct 2010 and in September 2018

Responsibility for Review

Senior Staff Members (ISM team)

Ratification and Communication

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management initially in 2005 and again following a Board and staff review in 2018