Fossa School now has a fully functional Parent-managed school library. A small team of parents collected together a stock of just over 3000 books – a mixture of donations, purchases of second hand books, Kerry Library expired books service and some new books with a small budget aquired by fundraising.  The school purchased a library software system and after a mammoth ammount of work the entire library stock is now categorised and barcoded. All children at the school have an individual membership number and books are scanned in and out to them.

The emphasis for the library is reading for pleasure and the children are encouraged to enjoy their time there.   Library day is Thursday of each week and each class has an allocated time.

We have arranged the books into class/age categories which are coded by colour. Therefore each child will be able to pick from within a range of books chosen according to approximate reading ability and age interest.

The coding is shown by a coloured dot on the spine of the book and is as follows

  • Jr/sr Infants – Green
  • 1st/2nd Class – Blue
  • 3rd/4th Class – Yellow
  • 5th/6th Class – Red

There is also an extensive Reference section which is colour coded Orange and subdivided into categories such as Science, Geography, History, Biology, Sport etc..

Children may borrow books from the colour coded section of their own class and from the colour section(s) of the classes below theirs. They may also be able to borrow from the colour sections of a higher class if deemed appropriate to that individual.

However, particularly for the older classes, we would ask that you check the library book that your child selects and brings home. Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure there are no inappropriate books within the library, some parental guidance maybe required with some content in older juvenile fiction.

Finally just a small reminder to encourage your children to look after their library books and that we are ALWAYS looking for more books to add to our library and any donations are gratefully received.