Develop Reading Rate and Fluency

Prepared by Learning Support, Fossa N.S.

Improving fluency of connected text reading will not only result in a faster rate of reading, but will improve comprehension as well.

Repeated Reading

This strategy calls for the pupil to read the same passage a number of times while being timed. Any errors that occur are corrected immediately by the teacher. The pupil may or may not be asked to stop and repeat the word correctly depending on the nature of the error. Each error is counted by the teacher and error words are drilled between readings.

Several researchers have found that the optimum number of readings per passage is three. After the third reading, the pupil is asked to retell or summarize the passage. The pupil’s rate and accuracy of reading can be recorded thus allowing the pupil to receive immediate positive feedback. Praising the pupil for how much time has been taken off from the baseline reading to the last reading is an important part of this technique. Daily practice of between 15 to 20 minutes is recommended. Other versions of the above technique to be used are:

  • Repeated Paired Reading
  • Echo Reading