Senior Infants


Ms. Looney, Ms. Hallissey, Mr. Finnegan and Ms. Lynch have been working on a new initiative called lesson study. This is where we worked together to design a lesson to help improve a specific aspect of learning. We decided to improve a very specific aspect of Maths with the help of Bee Bots.

Michelle from the PDST videoed our lesson and was so impressed with Senior Infants. She commented on their team work, their maths language, their learning, their politeness and manners. She could not believe that they were only in Senior Infants. You should be very proud of them! Well done!

Pancake Tuesday

We had some delicious pancakes on pancake Tuesday. Yummy!!

Mini beasts

Sean was very busy yesterday. He went on a mini beast hunt and found woodlouse, centipedes, millipedes, beetles, slugs and worms (I hope I didn’t forget any). Noah and Ryan found some millipedes at break time.

Thanks Harry, Ronan and Natalie for showing us!

Literacy Week

Literacy Week got underway today. We read the book What The Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. After that a lovely artist named Miss Moynihan came in to show us how to draw a ladybird. We had great fun doing this. We then designed our classroom door based on the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Have a look at our pictures! Enjoy!

Can you make the number 10?

If you are out walking, at the beach, playing at home then perhaps you can find different ways to make the number 10. If you like you can send in your pictures to

The Aliens Have Landed!

We had great fun learning about Space. We even made aliens in cool space ships.

Tricky Words

The children will receive Tricky Work keyrings today. Please practice practice practice. Children need to be able to say these without sounding them out. They must also practice writing them. Please do not open the rings. A note will be sent home today to explain. Many thanks to Mary our wonderful SNA for making these for us. Please mind them.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

We hope you enjoyed your special card

Bella Bear

is our new class bear who will soon make her way to your home. She will bring her journal and you can send some photos to Enjoy the adventure!


The children are having wonderful fun learning about Space. The boys and girls loved sharing facts about space.

Students of the Week